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1. Air Shipment calculation:
(a) Each parcel cannot be exceeded 120cmx80cmx80cm or cannot exceed 40kg.

Calculation base on whichever is higher between volumetric weight and actual weight.

2. Sea shipment (Big parcel):
a) Measurement calculation is base on Size (M3; CBM).
b) CBM / M3 Calculation Formula : Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 1,000,000
c) 1m3 items max 400kg only.

3. Land shipping:
a) Small parcel = weight in KG
b) Big parcel = M3/ CBM.
c) 0.1m3 can contain max 30kg items.

Prohibited Goods

fresh food, medicine, flammable items, corrosive items, CDs, weapons and so on are prohibited items set by IATA Rules and Regulations. (If customers have any counterfeit items that needs air shipment, please contact our customer service officer for further information. If the customer provides false information or selects the wrong shipping method, we will not bear any responsibility on extra costs. Please keep that in mind, provide correct information and select the suitable shipping method in order to avoid complications in the future).

All parcels may be inspected or scanned for prohibited items by customs clearance. If the goods are found to be prohibited items, the package will be confiscated and cannot be transported. It is the responsibility of each customer to ensure the ordered goods do not contain any prohibited items. We are not responsible for any loss resulting from the handling of these parcels or legal consequences by customs.

*Please refer to image below before purchasing to avoid ordering prohibited goods)*

*Except picture below, perishables (refrigerated, chilled), printed items ( religious, political, ethnic, terrorist, erotic item), sex toys, high-value jewelry (gold, diamonds), food (contain unknown odor, alcohol) , medicine also under Prohibited Items category

Special Handling of Package

The following is a description of the classification of sensitive items:

  1. Glass / Fragile Goods

Items that contain glass parts and fragile items are classified as sensitive goods. However, if you listed these glass and/or fragile goods as ordinary goods, the company will not provide any compensation for any broken or damaged items.

(Common Items: cups, cutlery, vases, mirrors, decorative items, picture frames)


  1. ValuableGoods

Valuable items are highly susceptible to theft, loss, robbery and so on. If you choose to purchase such items, please list it as sensitive goods as the probability of it being stolen will be reduced due to the wooden packaging.

(Common Items: high-end goods, high-quality art pieces and decorations/jewellery, expensive accessories, etc.)


  1. Goods Containing Liquid

All goods containing liquid are classified as sensitive goods.

For example, a pencil is considered general cargo, but a pen is considered sensitive goods as the ink is liquid. Another example is that phone covers are considered general cargo, but some phone covers have liquid decorations. The phone cover with liquid decorations is considered sensitive goods.

(Common Items: pens, phone covers with liquid decorations, drinks, perfume)


  1. Goods Containing Magnets

Once items like stationery, kitchen equipment, music equipment and other goods contain magnets or magnetic properties, they will be considered sensitive goods. In addition to the above, many stationery and kitchen equipment contain magnets.

(Common Items: magnetic message board, magnetic nails, magnetic bendable rulers, magnetic whiteboard erasers, fridge magnets, earphone, headphones, radios, speakers, music box)


  1. Goods Containing Batteries

Batteries are sensitive goods, thus, all goods with built-in batteries are considered sensitive goods. Many buyers are unaware that there are built-in batteries or that the seller included free batteries or forgot to remove it before shipping.

(Common Items: watches, power banks, children’s toys, computers, mosquitoes, flashlights)


  1. Branded or Imitation Goods

All internationally recognized brands, no matter if its original or an imitation, are considered sensitive goods.



  1. Electrical Appliances Containing Motors

Almost all electrical appliances are sensitive goods as they contain motors, thus, when plugged in, it will turn on or move the electrical appliances. Thus, it is classified as sensitive goods.

(Common Items: fans, clocks, hair dryers, blenders, robot vacuum, rice cookers)


  1. Goods Containing Powder (White powder will not be accept)

All goods that are in powder form, are all considered sensitive goods. This applies to powders of different colours, white powders is prohibited Items.

(Common Items: powder masks, powdered collagen, blush, flour, milk powder, medicine in powder form)


  1. Goods that are Used on the Body

Products that are used on the face and the body are all considered sensitive products. For example, makeup, toothpaste and medicine.

(Common Items: lipstick, foundation, toothpaste, sunscreen, ointment, beauty mask, face cream, make-up, etc)


  1. Goods Containing Electronic Chips

Computer chips that generally contains electronic chips or electronics that contain electronic chips are considered sensitive goods. These electronic chips are common in 3C products, digital products or electronic appliances. In addition, some daily necessities also contain electronic chips. For example: electronic thermometer, early childhood education machines, toys, electronic kitchen scales.

(Common Items: Computers, pen drives, hard disks, SDcards, car GPS, electronic maps)


  1. *Printed items – non-religious, political, ethnic, terrorist, erotic item
  1. Food 

All food is considered sensitive. This includes snacks, drinks, solid food, seafood, shellfish and dried food. All items that can be consumed by eating or drinking, are all considered sensitive goods. Besides, only dry food is allowed to be shipped. Food like fresh vegetables and fruits are not allowed to be shipped.

(Common Items: vegetable seeds, tea leaves, snacks, dried fruit,etc)


  1. CD & DVD

Due to copyright issues, all CDs, including CDs, DVDs and VCDs are considered sensitive goods.

(Common Items: albums, movies)

  1. Goods containing a blade or tool item

Any products that has blades, be it is stationery, kitchen utensils or personal care, are considered sensitive products. Products such as kitchen knives and knife sharpeners are also considered sensitive goods. Thus, it is recommended to use sensitive shipping.

Items such as model steel knives and swords are considered prohibited items.

(Common Items: kitchen knife, knife sharpener, penknives, scissors, peeling knife, barber knives, shaving knives (size of the blade does not matter, as they are all considered sensitive goods))

Normal Goods

Normal goods consist of clothing, shoes, handbags, water bottles, etc. and are not prohibited from being shipped.

1) Please remember to sort your items (normal and sensitive) and submit the order separately! If you have submitted the order for sensitive goods and normal goods together, the entire package will be calculated at a sensitive price. If the customer chooses the wrong channel/false declaration, all charges will be bear by the customer.

2) If the customer falsely declare the goods and value, and confiscated or fined by the customs, the charges will be bear by customer.

3) f the customer conceals, falsely declare prohibited Items, such as drugs, flammable and explosive, customer will bear all the legal responsibility

4) If the goods are damaged on the way, the customer need to bear the risks. Fragile products please select wooden crate service

Liability of Forwarding Service:

Sensitive Goods and Prohibited Goods

i.    Customers shall bear all responsibility for any sensitive goods that were disguised as general cargo and are detained by customs. 

For example: The transporting goods with batteries through ordinary air transport channels is considered disguising sensitive goods as general cargo. If it is seized by customs, customers have to pay the fine and wait for customs to verify the entire batch. Refunds are not guaranteed.

ii.    The company only handles goods on the customers’ behalf and does not bear any legal liabilities that arise from illegal goods and the dishonest reporting of goods (e.g. cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, weapons). Customers shall bear all responsibilities for the delivery of all restricted items that are banned from the country.

iii.    MFAZ does not provide any “payment upon arrival of parcel” or “payment upon pick-up” services;

* Note: The company only acts as an agent and are not to be held responsible for any illegal decisions and actions by the customers.

Compensation Requirements and Details

i.    The corresponding product name of the goods must be stated clearly on the invoice. If the item is not declared, it will be not meet the requirements for the compensation. MFAZ has the right to cancel your order and request you to retrieve your parcel.

ii.    When a lost parcel has been reported, we will conduct an investigation on all participating parties from the freight forwarder, warehouse operator and local delivery team.

iii.    Based on the investigation, if the missing parcel truly occurred during the delivery process, the claimable value of the lost good will be compensated.

Compensation value is according to the item’s value on the invoice (up to USD100), or 3 times of the shipping fee, whichever is the lowest. 

iv.    If all requirements and conditions for the compensation for a lost parcel are met, MFAZ will process and transfer the compensation to the customer’s account within two weeks.

v.    Switched or Wrong Parcel:

Refund will be available if it is MFAZ’s fault. We will resend the item without any extra charges to the customer. 

vi.    Item Went Missing in the Warehouse:

Refund will be available if the warehouse fails to locate your parcel (parcel was confirmed to be received by the warehouse). A maximum compensation of USD100 will be provided.

vii.    Compensation will not be provided by MFAZs for the conditions below:

a)    Items that were not or falsely declared before shipping;

b)    Loss of parcel due to the courier or transportation service the customer has chosen before the parcel arrives at the warehouse;

c)    As the parcel has not been opened, customers will not be able to claim compensation when items are found to be missing during repackaging (including seller sending less items, loss of items during delivery from the seller to MFAZs warehouse, etc.) if repackaging is requested.

d)    The customer’s own negligence or false declaration of information

No compensation and/or refunds will be provided for items that are detained by customs due to it being prohibited, has the wrong product info in the declaration or extra declaration fees (if any). 

e)    Rejected by customs / On hold

Once prohibited items or sending sensitive items through the normal goods channels are discovered by customs, MFAZs will not provide refunds and/or take responsibility.

Customers are required to ensure the shipped item is legal and are required to declare the item accordingly. As the item(s) have to be repackage after being rejected by customs, customers will have to bear all additional costs to release and/or reship the item. (Customers who have this issue regularly will be blacklisted by our company.)


 If the goods are damaged on the way, the customer need to bear the risks. All fragile items are excluded from compensation.

It is suggested that customers ask sellers to pack fragile items appropriately and labelled them clearly, or select our wood crate service to avoid crushing when handling parcels or during shipping.

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