Top 6 Benefits Of Using Air Cargo In Malaysia

August 15, 2021

Many businesses nowadays ensure that they are proactive in their operations to make sure that they have every advantage they can. One of their actions is by using air cargo in Malaysia.

Due to this, they can get ahead of their competitors and make sure that their businesses will run smoothly and bring in a lot of income for them. 

This article will explain to you all about air cargo in Malaysia and the benefits that you will enjoy if you choose this type of transportation for your products and business.

Read on to find out more.

How does air cargo work?

air cargo malaysia

Air cargo, to put it simply, is the transportation of your products by plane from one location to another, mostly from other countries.

The process of this operation is very straightforward. Most people will use a logistics company to assist them, which will make things so much easier.

Once you have a product that you want to import or export, the seller or the logistics company will hire a carrier to help deliver that product to the local airport.

Most carriers will have a fixed schedule on their flights so that you can expect a rough estimate of when your product will arrive at your location.

Once your product is shipped to the location, another carrier will help deliver your product right to your doorstep. It’s that easy!

Types of air cargo

air cargo malaysia

For those who are unfamiliar with air cargo, there are two types of this type of transportation.

The first type of air cargo is :

  • General cargo

This type of cargo involves your typical products such as electronics and jewellery. 

Most of these products require air freight as they are fragile and most likely require to be delivered as soon as possible to their buyer.

Other forms of transportation, such as by sea freight, take much longer than by air freight which is much quicker and carries less risk of damaging the goods.

The second type of air cargo is:

  • Special cargo

Goods or livestock that need special conditions when delivering is usually transported through air freight. These conditions may include temperature control and also protected casing.

Companies and corporations such as zoos will use air freight to transport animals as this mode of transportation can be modified based on the special requirements of the animal.

Benefits of air cargo services

In this section, we will explain some benefits that you can enjoy if you choose air cargo in Malaysia.

1. Quick Delivery

One of the biggest benefits of air cargo is that it is the fastest mode of transportation from one country to another. Compared to other types of freight, you will save a lot of time.

Due to the fixed and organised schedule of most logistics companies, you will not have to worry about any delays of delivery as they will arrive on time or even quicker.

2. Tighter Security

Since this type of delivery system involves customs and securities at airports, this will make sure that none of your products will get damaged or stolen through this system.

This is due to the more detailed security check and protection that is involved in an airport. Your products and goods will be protected very well to make sure that nothing happens to it.

3. Tracker System

Another big benefit of air cargo in Malaysia is that all planes are fitted with a tracker system which lets you see where they are in real-time.

This allows you to check on its journey and the rough estimate of when it will arrive. This is perfect for those who are excited and can’t wait to get their hands on the product that they ordered.

air cargo malaysia

4. Deliver Globally

Since airports are connected to each other thousands of miles away, this allows them to deliver products to countries on the opposite ends of the world to each other.

If you are looking to expand your business in countries all around the world, air freight is the perfect choice for you because you can deliver it right to their doorstep.

This may not be the same for other methods of delivery as they may have limitations on the length of journey that they can take.

5. Lower Cost of Premiums

Since the journey is much shorter than other modes of freight such as by sea, the cost of insurance premiums are much cheaper.

This can save you a lot of money which can be used for other expenditures for your business. 

Other modes will require a higher cost of premium insurance since the risk of it being stolen or damaged are much higher.

6. Less Packaging Required

Since air cargo in Malaysia is handled much more carefully and requires a short journey, it will allow you to save money as you do not have to package your products as bulky or secure as usual.

This is because there are not a lot of people or warehouses involved in the transportation which makes sure that the product will not be handled a lot.

This will lessen the risks of your product being damaged and allow you to save a lot of money and time on the packaging.

air cargo malaysia

In conclusion, choosing to export or import your product by using air cargo in Malaysia is a great choice for you.

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