Shipping Company in Malaysia: Which One Should I Choose?

April 19, 2021

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking for a shipping company in Malaysia.

Did you know that the most common reason for customers to abandon their shopping cart is due to the shipping cost?

Shipping is one of your service quality indicators. 

If customers do not get their product fast or in good shape, they will rule your service as poor. 

So, choosing your shipping partner could be tricky as it impacts your business greatly.

Before choosing a shipping company, there are many things to consider so it tailors to your business’s needs. 

Which is why we want to help you by providing tips and tricks to run through before choosing the perfect shipping partner for your business.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Shipping Company in Malaysia

  1. Cost, Quality and Time

In reality, pricing is a determining factor as customers tend to choose those with lower price. 

However, quality and delivery time hold the same weight in the importance of choosing your carrier.

If you choose to cut your margins and save cost, you could be sacrificing quality and delivery time.

It is crucial to analyze your business and its supply chain before finding the most suitable carrier. 

When evaluating potential shipping partners, keep these three factors in mind to narrow down your options.

  1. Services Offered 

One of the things to answer when you evaluate what your company needs is the kind of services you require. 

When you have the answer, check if the carrier provides the type of transportation services that you seek.

Can one company carry out all of your needs or do you have to work with multiple shippers to move your products?

If your company needs more than one service and you choose to work with multiple companies to get it done, you have to remember that time is not always on your side.

Let’s not forget the cost you have to bear.

Hence, it is highly recommended for you to work with one company that offers various services and is able to meet all of your business’s needs.

  1. Reliability

In the business world, reliability holds an important value.

Choosing a reliable shipping partner is the key to your company’s reputation.

How? Imagine if you ship your freight with a carrier with lower cost but can never deliver on time.

What would the customers say about your shipping service?

Yes, you would cut costs in shipping but in the long run, it will probably cost you a lot more for troubles such as late deliveries and spoiled products.

A reliable carrier can help you build a positive reputation towards your company.

As a result, not only you are able to meet customers’ expectations but you also get to grow your business.

Reliability does not only stop at the shipper’s ability to deliver on time and keep your products in a good condition but also in terms of communication.

By providing transparent communication, the shipper is held accountable for your freight.

It is essential to find a carrier that informs you about your shipment such as your shipment’s status. 

  1. Capacity

In recent trends, with online retailers booming like mushrooms after a rain, the demand for transportation services surpass the current supply.

This results in capacity shortage which could impact your business. 

Thus, it is important to secure capacity now.

You have to understand that not every carrier will be a good choice for your business.

Some carriers may be stronger than others in certain regions.

So, you are advised to choose a carrier with a network that includes the lanes your goods will travel on.

This will help you to create a profitable relationship for both parties. 

  1. Safety 

Another factor that should not be taken lightly is safety.

Imagine shipping with carriers with lower rates but finding out they have been fudging their logbooks and breaking the law in order to get your freight to arrive on time. 

Accident rates in the company are also important to be looked into to minimize the cost you would have to bear for damaged goods.

You have to remember that safety of the shipment is as equally important to you as to your customers. 

Shipping with a carrier that puts safety as their top priority can help you build your supply chain image which leads to increased sales.

The Best Shipping Company in Malaysia

After reading and understanding the importance of choosing the best shipping company for your business, of course you will be wondering which company is the best?

Hands down, MFAZ Ventures are on the top of the list in this line of work.

MFAZ has grown from having a handful of clients into one of the major forces in the industry, having a continuous stream of loyal clients. 

You are not to worry as MFAZ has the qualities that most shippers look for: accuracy, cost competitive, efficiency, expedition and reliability.

In fact, that is their service policy which they strive and stay committed to accomplish for their clients. 

If you are shipping from other countries and are worried about your shipment, MFAZ helps to combine your shipment from different suppliers when it arrives at a warehouse in Malaysia.

Talking about warehouses, MFAZ also provides the service of free warehouse storage. 

Not only that, MFAZ has various shipping and logistics choices to choose from so you can satisfy your business needs via just one company! 

As per mentioned in this article, transparent communication is also a quality of MFAZ as they provide accurate and easy online tracking to your shipment whereabouts. 

When it comes to cost, you can be rest assured as there will be no hidden charges and MFAZ also provides secured multiple payment options.

Now, what are you waiting for?

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